Marketing Metrics 3.0 (UK)

Marketing Metrics 3.0 – a financial investment or a smart consumer satisfaction?

Marketing Mathematics
In the present status of Digital Marketing there are a great amount of sophisticated services available that can help you determine the effectivenss of marketing euro’s spent. However, there seems to be a clear separation in valuation marketing effectiveness. The first orientation is about branding, reputation management and do good and the second orientation is about optimizing the salesfunnel. What when to use?

Branding Metrics 3.0
In the growing supply of marketing metrics tools and services one should try to start with the basics. By installing measurement services for websites, webshops and wiki’s you can measure traffic and use. Here you get an idea of what is actually happening in your digital domains.The next level is learning where traffic is originating from and incorporating these insights into you content. The result is increased ranking in seach by improved optimalisation. The next level is creating synergy by synchronizing content across earned and owned domains. You can get the best results if you can fuse the metrics of these domains into one overview. The ultimate level in growing your marketing metrics is when you can measure the social effectiveness. What is the amount of consumer interaction, participation and creation of content en reviews. The level of brand intensity is a clear indentifyer of brand loyality. These steps refer to the metrics of branding, they focus on visibility, Search Engine Optimization and using the content strategy of gaining more natural brand interaction.

Conversion Metrics
The second orientation is about optimizing the salesfunnel. Here marketers have a choice of performance improvement in the private domains and improvements from outside the owned domains. Naturally it is wise to start with improving your own domain and get the basics right, before you invest in tools that bring you traffic but no conversion. The custom digital services give you insights in campaign effectivess form different channels, product interest and review information. Platform services will deliver you qualified leads, relevancy and sales effectiveness. The positive results of optimizing the salesfunnel is that you get great attention and full support for a succesful start with digital sales optimzation. The present status however, is that these services do not always have plug & play services to incorporate different digital marketing tools that get that desired one dashboard overviw. Although the marketi calls for harmonizing standards and stimulates collaboration between software services, brands still need to log in at different places to gather details they need to improve performance.

Media Metrics
In the old days, brands used to adopt paid media and with old metrics like CTP – Click Trough Ration – CPM _ Cost Per Mille. Today brands work with earned media and new metrics are consumer engagement, customer involvement and branded do’s where a brand facilitates a community’s needs. Therefore it is now, more than ever necessary to get the first orientation of metrics right because people expect you to monitor their behavioral details and offer them the products and services they need. And you have a great salesfunnel to financially support these insights.

Smart Specialist Sourcing
Reach out to Search Marketing Suppliers, start with SEO -Search Engine Optimization and online Reputation Management and then move on to Web Controlling, SEA – Search Engine Advertising – Social Media and Display Advertising. Make sure you focus on the right timing when selecting suppliers as they will always tell you to use their service first.

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