Keep It Simple Stupid in Business


As a connector I love to meet business owners.  especially the ones that CRAVE life. People who are full of beans, true energized professsional, they are sugar to me. They inspire and I recognise the DNA, it’s a feeling of being connected. What we share is drive for passion, like all ladies who connect to CRAVE.

Business Chat

‘In 2011 we’ll organise business chats in Amsterdam. Interactive sessions where we discuss smart ways to move forward. Sometimes bad luck maybe caused by not using your mirrior to look into or when we neglect our belly brains, we dive deep to make it work. The first topic of CRAVE Amsterdam business chat was on KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid – here’s my story of the event.

Marketing Mayday – Crowdfunding

At the KISS event two business owners presented their crowd funding initiatives to finance their business ideas. I am investing in Qolors a business concept of co-created collection of beautiful basic tops. Marijke Krabbenbos is now grwoing strong with her latest idea of the Ideacompany. 100 Investors pay €500,- to start the business. The rate of return is moderate but the instant benefits are great; connect with other co-investors and receive an attractive discount on all basic tops. Are you in?

CRAVE Company

We published CRAVE Amsterdam the book,where 160 female business owners present their business and theirs passions in life. The CRAVE Amsterdam book is great resource for inspiration and helpt you to get an idea for your own busioness and helpts you connect with femake business entrepreneurs. Copies are here available for €20,- excl shipment. Mail your order to CRAVE Amsterdam.

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Our next event is on Business Skills, which 21 do you embrace? Join us on Monday 28 March in Amsterdam.

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