Smart(-er) meetings through mobile app’s?

As I am investigation the finalist of the Dutch Innovation Award – Van Spijk Inovation Award – I come across great video footage that has inspired me to present a quick view on mobile social developments. By using Youtube, it involves little reading this time and a bit more watching. Have fun!

Social Networking top 10
Are you online from a desk top or from a mobile device. How do you switch smartly between devices? Or is it better to only use services who have taken care of all these questions and service you digitally anywhere?

Mobile Social Networking
iIs it first a mobile tool before it grows to a social networking tool?

We are discovering the world as we breath, it is so exciting to lean about trends, discover mobile app’s, download and start using them. What are your favorite mobile app’s?

Mobile Event Services
Discover some here, personally I like the first the most because it services all event target groups and beyond!

The succes in mobile event services is to align all relevant parties and perform great in event automation.

Event Marketing Services
How long wil it take before smart online services expand into additional lean mobile extensions?

The Product Life Cycle
How great is it to introduce your company, product or service with a simple and short video. Or to inform or educate on a marketing topic. Like this:

More and more people like to watch and listen, get informed with a video impression. Broadcasting through Youtube creates visibility in addition to your SEO strategy in text and image messaging.

The IT landscape necessary to perform professionally and secure in a mobile world
Sorry for the advertising, but it does cover the required elements to go pro in agile and mobile services.

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