The curious spirit

Chanel Perfume

Chanel Perfume

“Confession: in the rapidly transforming world we live in, I am thrilled by the digital developments, excited about new, customer-friendly services and curious about the impact it has on consumer behaviour. How can businesses invest their marketing money in the smartest way? I am about to share my findings with you!”

Retail exposes consumer needs

This is why I love working for a retail focused trade organisation like Shop! Benelux. The trade organisation does research to enhance the retail experiences for consumers and develops insights on how to improve environments to boost the retail business and increase the quality of life and leisure time.

The changing customer behaviour is a result of:

  1. Generations – each generations has specific needs and expectations
  2. Digitalization – adoption of new technology is based on individual interests
  3. Community – social media heavily impacts your whereabouts and activities
  4. Act of service – what would you like…

Marketing Excellence

The holistic approach to transforming retail business and service offerings is a major business challenge. As brands and retailers act on specific marketing instruments, it is still difficult to see the big picture RoI. The solution is three-fold performance approach: increasing service excellence, customer intimacy and product leadership. The KPI’s for these paramemeters are defined by your individual business objectives and corresponding marketing strategy goals.

Marketing Return on Investment

I am currently writing a new book on this subject. If you are interested in testing the approach or if you would like me to examine the priorities of your marketing investments,  let me know!

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